Python Earth Data Lexus forums: Lexus forum to have auto-updating feature

Lexus forums: Lexus forum to have auto-updating feature

Updated October 08, 2018 08:00:30 Lexus is planning to start using a service called Lexus AutoUpdates to update its forum,, according to a post on the company’s Lexus Forum forums.

The service is meant to allow users to get the latest updates on their favorite Lexus models.

“With LexusAutoUpdates, you can receive updates automatically from Lexus directly to your mobile device or from a dedicated app like Apple’s App Store or Google Play,” Lexus’ Lexus Tech Support blog wrote.

The company is also updating the forum to add new features and provide a new dashboard for users to explore.

“You can view your current status, browse your most recent posts, and check in with your current and past posts to keep up with the latest and greatest Lexus content,” the blog added.

“We’re also adding the ability to view the latest news on your favorite Lexis topics, such as upcoming new releases, current reviews, and new product announcements.”

The service will also help users find the most up-to-date updates on any new Lexus model, the blog said.

Users can access the new service via the Lexus app.

Lexus has been working on auto-upsetting for years.

It began to use auto-update technology for Lexus, Lexusa, Lexstar, and other models in March 2016.

The platform is available on all models from 2017 to 2019.

Lexuses forums are updated weekly, but the company is now adding new features like adding new topics and updating forum listings to help users stay current with the auto-insurance coverage.

Lexusa forum has been used to update news on many of Lexus product categories, including the Lexma, the Lexna, the Pulsar, and the P90, the company said.