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How to be an Asian-American in the NBA

Posted June 01, 2018 03:08:08The Cleveland Cavaliers will play their first game in China in a week’s time, and many Asian-Americans in the Cleveland area are hoping to follow their lead.

There are only a few places in the United States where you can play basketball in China and even fewer places where you could expect to find an NBA player.

For most, basketball is still a passion, but for some, there’s an intangible value in learning about the sport.

For some, it’s about showing up in a big city like Cleveland and meeting people who can help them get better.

For others, it is a way to find some community in an Asian country.

The Cavaliers play at the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) training facility on Thursday in Beijing.

The team’s coach, David Blatt, is a former player at the University of Michigan and is a big fan of the sport of basketball.

Cleveland Cavaliers’ David Bladt says he hopes his team can make a difference in China.

For Blatt and his team, the biggest challenge is to make sure players and fans alike feel welcome and that the Chinese-American community in Cleveland feels included.

As a fan, you want to feel like you’re part of a team that cares about you.

But that doesn’t happen for everyone in China, especially for people who have to play in China for other reasons.

So Blatt is trying to find ways to make the game more accessible.

Blatt has a new way to teach his team the game and has even put together a new video for the team that showcases Chinese culture and history.

Blatt said the video was a “game changer” for the Cavs.

“It’s a way for us to give Chinese-Americans a sense of community, of belonging, and to help them make the right decisions,” Blatt said.

“I think it’s a great way for Chinese-America to feel welcomed.”

But Blatt’s strategy isn’t new for the Cavaliers.

Blatts first noticed the trend in 2016, when the team’s NBA-bound player, LeBron James, moved to China.

He’s since stayed in the country and has played at a high level there.

BlATT says the Cavaliers hope to bring the game back to China this season.

“We are definitely looking forward to playing there,” Blatts said.

“The game is growing rapidly in China right now, and we want to help make it a more accessible game for Chinese fans.”