Python Earth Processing How to keep your dog safe at home after an earthquake

How to keep your dog safe at home after an earthquake

When a major earthquake strikes, you’ll need to be ready to take your dog to your rescue or you may have to euthanize him.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recommends you have your dog with you for an hour or so, but it also warns that the dog can become “insecure and dangerous” and it could be “impossible to reliably train” a dog to “stay on his side”.

“In the event that a dog is bitten or trapped in a shelter, rescue or a building, it may be difficult to safely train the dog to stay on his/her side,” the institute said in its Dog Rescue Guide.

“If you do decide to leave your dog in a rescue, it is important to consider how to safely and safely manage the dog, including the possibility of a dog’s being injured.”

If you don’t know where to find your dog, it’s not too late to find out.

The guide also gives tips on how to make sure you don’st leave your dogs unattended.

If you’re going to take the dog out of the house for an extended period of time, make sure that it stays well away from windows and doors, and has its harness secured at all times.

“Keep in mind that it is possible that a small dog could get trapped in an opening in a window or door,” it said.

“However, it could also be that a large dog, if left alone for long enough, will eventually become habituated to the area, thus causing a situation that is potentially hazardous to the dog.”

If your dog is lost in the wild, it can be difficult for people to find them.

“You may need to contact local police or fire departments to help find your animal,” the guide says.

“Local authorities may have their own rescue agencies that can be contacted via 911 or local authorities can also send a volunteer to assist with search and rescue efforts.”

There are also tips for keeping your dog away from pets that you can use.

“When searching for your pet, please keep your eyes open, be mindful of what you’re looking for and do not leave your pet unattended,” the NIST said.

There are some good tips for ensuring your dog stays in a safe place and keeping it in a good place when it’s out.

Be aware that people may not be very understanding about pets, and you need to keep that in mind when you are in the area.

“Your dog’s instinct may kick in to chase after something or it may not even want to be in the situation, so try to stay calm,” the dog guide says, adding that “being cautious and making sure you’re not making your dog look at you or anyone else makes you feel safer.”