Python Earth Application What’s next for Tesla?

What’s next for Tesla?

Teslas are set to get an upgrade in 2018, with the company set to roll out a new model and a new battery pack.

The Model 3, a premium sedan, is due for release in 2019, and Tesla plans to launch its new model, the Model X, later in 2020.

The company says it plans to release a new version of its Model S sedan in 2021, as well.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been working on the Model 3 since March, and it’s expected to be unveiled later this year.

In a press release, Tesla says the Model III will be “the world’s largest lithium-ion battery pack, capable of delivering more than 4,000 miles of range per charge.”

Musk also says the car will be powered by a new “supercapacitor” which could store energy and release it when needed.

This could potentially make the Model S battery pack obsolete, since Tesla says it will use the supercapacitors in a future version of the Model 4.

The Model X will be a premium crossover, and will be capable of reaching speeds of more than 250 miles per hour.

Tesla says there are plans to offer a smaller, more affordable version of this car, which will be called the Model Y, which is due to be launched in 2021.

It’s not clear how the Model Z, the new premium SUV, will stack up against the Model IV.

The company’s Model S is already sold in the United States and Canada, and the Model V is slated for production in 2018.

The future of Tesla’s Model 3 is unclear, as the company has not announced plans to build the car in Mexico.

Tesla has also not confirmed the company’s plans for a mass-market electric car, the Gigafactory.