Python Earth Courses Why Cowboys QB Dak Prescott was cut by Cowboys: ‘A good man made a mistake’

Why Cowboys QB Dak Prescott was cut by Cowboys: ‘A good man made a mistake’

The Dallas Cowboys are set to lose their quarterback for good after Dak Prescott’s knee injury, but that doesn’t mean they’ll go out without a fight.

Continue Reading BelowAdrian Peterson, Ezekiel Elliott, Dak Prescott, Brandon Weeden and Chris Ivory will all be battling for the No. 2 spot on the depth chart, but there’s no doubt the team is already in good shape.

The Cowboys were able to retain some key veterans and free agents on a free agent buyout, which should help the team build around Prescott, who has been under the microscope since the Dallas Cowboys first drafted him in the third round.

“I’ve got a lot of confidence in Dak Prescott,” offensive coordinator Scott Linehan said after practice on Tuesday.

“He’s been a big part of our success and we think he’s going to be an elite quarterback, one of the top three, so we’ll just see what happens with this week and the rest of the week.

I don’t know how it goes with any of these guys, so you’ve just got to stay positive and go from there.”

The team has plenty of depth at the position and was able to add veterans on the fly in free agency.

While they’ve been able to keep the core of their defense intact, they did get a bit of help in the form of Brandon Weisman and Dez Bryant.

Bryant, a first-round pick in 2013, had a down year in 2015 but was able outplay the team’s top two receivers last year.

Weisman, who played in 10 games last year, will play alongside Bryant and will compete with Dallas’ top two quarterbacks for playing time.

“It’s tough to say what the future holds, but this is a team that has made some great strides this offseason and it’s a good thing we’re getting some good help in that area,” Linehan added.

“We’re a young team and there’s a lot that can be done, but I think that we’re going to have to build some trust with some of these players.”

The Cowboys had some tough decisions to make this offseason, especially with quarterback Dak Prescott sidelined for the next three games with a knee injury.

Prescott is the team leader in passing yards and completion percentage this season, but he’s a big reason why the team has struggled in the red zone this year.

Prescott, a third-round draft pick out of Southern California, threw just three touchdowns on 39 attempts last season.

He also completed just 17 percent of his passes in 2016.

It’s clear Prescott is not the type of player the Cowboys are looking for in the long run, but they are hoping to add some depth with the acquisition of Weisman.

The team has been able add more firepower to the passing game this offseason.

With a big investment in receivers Tyreek Hill and Devin Street, the Cowboys will look to take advantage of the veteran’s upside.

The addition of Weismons and Bryant will add a layer of firepower to this offense, which will help to build a foundation for a strong season.

The Cowboys have won two of their past three games against the Philadelphia Eagles, but the team was able’t hold onto their lead against the Seattle Seahawks.

They are 6-3 in games where they’ve played the Seahawks this season.

Prescott had two touchdown passes in the loss, but both came with the score tied at 20-20.

They will look for Prescott to continue to get the ball out of his hands and to be more accurate with the football.

The team will be looking to build off last season’s success against the Carolina Panthers, when Prescott threw for 661 yards and four touchdowns on 27 completions.

That included a touchdown pass to Devin Funchess in overtime.

They’re currently 12-1 against the Panthers.