Python Earth Data Flourish: The Next Generation game, featuring the ‘Bogies’

Flourish: The Next Generation game, featuring the ‘Bogies’

The latest entry in the “Bogleheads” series is coming to the Wii U this summer, as part of an online exclusive.

The game features “the best-selling children’s book” The Boy Who Would Be King, written by Joe Hill.

The game, to be released in Summer 2019, is based on the novel by Joe D’Amato and is set in a “fairy-tale world where the Bogleheads are the most powerful group of characters”.

It is being described as a “new adventure in storytelling”, according to The Telegraph, with “the player taking on the role of an ordinary schoolboy, with the opportunity to embark on a story that will change his life”.

As the book describes, the Bogs “live in the most beautiful and magical place on earth”, which “has a huge magical aura”.

The Bogs are described as “powerful, independent, and intelligent beings who live in a magical world where everything happens by magic”.

The Boglehead series began with Bogle’s Adventures in Bogleland and later grew into Bogle and the Buggles, written in 1998.