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How to fix the Lawn in the City forum

By Katie SchulzPublished Mar 01, 2017 08:31:25How to fix lawn in the city forum, how to properly trim lawns and how to get rid of dead grass, are some of the top lawn maintenance questions people ask.

Here’s the best answer to each.

Read moreThe Lawn in a City: The BasicsFirst off, don’t worry about the lawn being too greasy or clogged.

A lawn that is clean and dry is a healthy lawn and is an asset for the entire community.

A healthy lawn can also be an asset if you have a lawn that’s not kept well, such as a turf or a garden that has grown on it.

A greasy lawn can easily become a source of water and nutrients to bacteria, which can cause damage to your lawn.

If you do have a grassy area, don`t worry about that because it can be maintained with a variety of methods, from planting a mulch on the lawn to planting a soil mix.

The lawn should always be at least six feet (2 meters) wide and one foot (30 centimeters) deep.

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