Python Earth Data When a man can’t go to church anymore: An episode of the BBC’s Acoustic Guitar show

When a man can’t go to church anymore: An episode of the BBC’s Acoustic Guitar show

A man who has been forced to go to the toilet for two years by a urinary tract infection has finally got around to talking to the man who took the piss out of him.

Lachlan Macdonald was having a bad day when he got to the toilets of his home in Wirral, Worcestershire, and found himself standing in front of the toilet door, trying to reach the man inside.

“He was in the middle of his shower, and I thought I’d help him,” he said.

“I said, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t help you’, and he said, `Oh, come on’.”

Lachlon said he was still in the shower when the man finally stepped outside.

“He looked at me and said, [I] have to go in the toilet.

I’m sorry I’m not there, but I just had to go,” he recounted.

Macdonald said he did not mind the man’s discomfort, but he was upset he could not get to the other end of the door.

“I thought it was a bit unfair, that’s why I went,” he admitted.

“It’s not a good experience to have someone not going in the bathroom when you’re trying to go out.

It’s a very difficult situation.”

The episode of BBC Acoustic guitar, which aired on Saturday, featured Macdonald’s story of his ordeal.

“When I was in that hospital, the staff were quite helpful,” he told the programme.

“They gave me some tea and biscuits, and they gave me a biscuit and said I could come back in the morning and do it again.”

“I had to be able to get out, and the toilet was very small, so I had to put a sheet on over the door so I could get in,” he added.

After Macdonald had managed to get his urine out, he was taken to a local hospital, where he was diagnosed with a urinary infection.

“There was no way to get rid of the infection,” he explained.

“My urine was all over the floor, I was coughing up all over, and it was very difficult to get my pants off.”

After two days in hospital, he returned home, and began therapy to help him get over his ordeal and get back to his job.

“The first day I went back, I realised that I had lost the ability to have a normal life, so that’s when I started to get really worried,” he recalled.

“At first, I just thought it would be like going into a shop and getting some groceries, and that would be it.

Then I realised the problem was much worse, and after two days I was still going in and out of the hospital, and my wife had to come in and help me.”

Lachlang said he has been able to regain the ability of going out of his house, and is now hoping to be back in a few weeks to visit his family.