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How to Buy the Right New Shoes

We’re a little late in the game here, but we’re pretty excited to finally introduce you to a new shoe collection.

Today, we’re sharing some of the new releases in adidas’ adidas Originals collection. 

Adidas Origines is a brand synonymous with sneakers, but with the recent release of the adidas One-7, we’ve seen more than just adidas shoes. 

With the release of this new adidas shoe, we are excited to be sharing some exclusive samples of the upcoming One-9 and One-10 shoe sets. 

Check out the exclusive samples below:The One-8 is an adidas creation that features an “open” heel that allows for a more relaxed fit. 

The One.9 is a sneaker that features a traditional suede upper with a leather sole and a rubber outsole. 

Both shoes are available in two colorways and will be available in August. 

If you’re looking to add a little more flair to your footwear, the adesilence One-15 shoe set comes in a “S” colorway that is a combination of “Black”, “Light Blue”, “Gold” and “Light Grey”. 

You can find these new releases on August 12.