Python Earth Data Russia bans US-led war thunder strike on Afghanistan

Russia bans US-led war thunder strike on Afghanistan

Russia has banned US-backed Afghan war thunder strikes, a day after a US strike in the country’s eastern province killed at least 10 people, including five women and four children.

The Russian defence ministry said on Twitter that the strikes had caused “significant damage” to Afghanistan’s infrastructure and had been conducted without permission from the Afghan government.US and Afghan officials blamed each other for the deaths of the nine Afghan civilians killed and wounded, with a spokesman for the US mission to Afghanistan, Army Col John Dorrian, saying in a statement that the Taliban were to blame.

“Today, our forces carried out a series of strikes in the eastern Afghan province of Helmand,” he said.

“A number of Afghan civilians were killed and several others were injured during the operation.

The Taliban are responsible for these actions.”

The strikes came as a US military spokesman said the Afghan military would take action to “rebuild” the country, but it was unclear if the Afghan authorities would allow it to do so.

The Taliban’s spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, told reporters that the group would not be “going to any negotiations” and “will not give up its fight”.

“The Taliban is determined to restore the integrity of Afghanistan and the security of its people,” he added.

The US-installed Taliban are considered by some to be the main foreign foes of the Afghan regime.