Python Earth Data How to watch the new film ‘The Good Dinosaur’ from the ‘Walt Disney Channel’ channel

How to watch the new film ‘The Good Dinosaur’ from the ‘Walt Disney Channel’ channel

When the “Walt and the Creatures” reboot arrives on December 19, the new dinosaur will be a huge draw for the Disney Channel, as well as the Disney Junior channel, but it will be missing a few of the best features.

The show is missing the first-ever CGI dinosaur, as the original movie featured CGI dinosaurs in the first place, so this will be the first time that we will not be seeing those for this reboot.

However, if you do miss the first CGI dinosaur in the new series, you can still watch the first “Dinosaur” episode with the full series on demand, just like you would watch the original “Dino” episodes.

The full season will be available for free on December 9, so be sure to pick it up right away if you can.

You can watch the full “DINO” series on YouTube or Netflix if you haven’t already.

Check out the full release below.

The Walt Disney Channel has released the first two episodes of the new Disney Junior animated series “The Good Dinosaurs.”

Available to watch on Disney Junior from Dec. 9, 2017 at 11:59pm ET through Dec. 16, 2017, the series is narrated by a new voice-over talent, John Rabe.

He joins voice-overs for a wide variety of characters, including a new voiced character named “Mummy.”

The series is written and directed by Rabe, who also voices “Wally the Bear,” “Pippin” and “Gentleman Rob” in the popular “Glee” series.

This will be Rabe’s second Disney Junior series, following his debut as the voice of “Little Red Riding Hood” in 2018.

Rabe also voices the voice-actors for “Dinotopia,” “Aladdin,” “Greta in the Jungle,” “The Jungle Book,” “Zootopia,” and “The Lion King.”

For more information, visit the Walt Disney Junior website.

Watch the full Disney Junior trailer below: